Wiring Harness Manufacturing 

The specialty products you make serve in unique applications. Choose wire harness and control panel manufacturing from a deeply experienced, ISO-certified team that knows what you need and speaks your language. No learning curve here.

Qualtronics wire

Custom Wiring Harness

Your product is built with the highest expectation of quality. So why should your custom wiring harness be any different. We build our wire harnesses with the most precise attention to detail on ever complex system. Every pin, crimp, and wire in place. As they should be.

Qualtronics wire
Qualtronics wire

Custom Control Panels

Custom control panels from Qualtronics are built for long-lasting performance of specialty vehicles and standalone power units in rugged environments. Quality is assured by selecting the right materials and assembling them in methodical, repeatable processes.

Your team have continuous ideas for innovation. Trust Qualtronics to develop and iterate on prototypes that maximize the performance of your next big thing.

Qualtronics wire
Qualtronics wire

Your project is complex, and that makes it difficult to ensure its electronics infrastructure will perform. When we work together on design, you’ll rest easy knowing the wiring harness or control panel we build will work well and last long with easy maintenance.