Prototype Wire Harnesses
and Cable Assemblies

Have an idea you want to test for real-world performance? Work with us to build wire harness and cable assembly prototypes in pursuit of the perfect design.

Qualtronics wire

Bring Ideas to Life

Evolving end-user demands and increasing technical complexity mean you’re always innovating to keep pace. Qualtronics builds and revises prototype wire harnesses and cable assemblies so you can test new ideas and prove concepts ahead of production. 

Qualtronics wire

From Restless to Rest-Assured 

Heavy-duty and specialty vehicle manufacturers usually have a general idea of what they need in electrical systems for new products in development. But determining how to make it happen can be complex. Share the load and reduce your risk with wire harness prototypes and wire harness assemble from Qualtronics.

Qualtronics wire

Why Qualtronics?



Having built custom wire harnesses in a wide range of specialty vehicle and power system applications, we know what it takes to maximize performance and protect against the elements.



Poor quality breeds costly failures. We will never tolerate anything less than exceptional workmanship.


Consistent Quality
and Repeatability

Qualtronics goes the extra mile by translating customers’ unique designs and preferences into consistent work instructions written to the unique specifications of the product being built. This rock-solid workflow eliminates production delays.


A Part,
Not a Process

Specialty vehicle and power system manufacturers lose sleep over needing to build increasingly complex wire harnesses in-house. Qualtronics takes this headache off your plate so you can take back precious time and energy.