Several years ago, Qualtronics recognized the need to provide design assistance to their customers. Wire Harnesses have long been a pain for engineers to coordinate with their other design responsibilities. Coupled with the ever growing complexity of electrical systems, the need for a wire harness specific design firm was created. Enter Q Design.

Q Design looks to fill the need of these types of customers:

Those who are loaded up with other design responsibilities and don’t have time to squeeze in wire harness design.
Those who don’t have the expertise, the software, or the staff to engineer and maintain wire harness designs.
Those who have legacy designs needing design updates, documentation improvements, and/or cost reduced.
Those who have a blank canvas and need wiring harness design support to lead or collaborate throughout your development process.

Partnering with Q Design is simple and allows you to offload these problems. Q Design brings manufacturing experience to the design process so you don’t have worry about designs integrating into the real world.