Custom Wiring Harness Manufacturing

For high performance in tough environments, Qualtronics manufactures custom wiring harnesses for specialty vehicles and standalone power units. 

Qualtronics wire

Quality Requires Context 

Heavy-duty specialty vehicle manufacturers tailor their unique products to the environments in which they’re used. And there’s nothing ordinary about these environments.

The performance of critical electrical systems in these environments depends on how well a wiring harness manufacturer understands the risks they must mitigate to ensure high performance. Don’t leave this to chance. Leave it to manufacturers who know how to get it done.

Qualtronics wire

 Don’t Get Let Down Again

You may have been let down by inexperience or poor quality in the past. But our team has deep hands-on experience in wire harness manufacturing. And we’ve never compromised on quality, choosing to turn down business rather than put inferior products into customers’ equipment.

Qualtronics wire

Why Qualtronics?



Having built custom wire harnesses in a wide range of specialty vehicle and power system applications, we know what it takes to maximize performance and protect against the elements.



Poor quality breeds costly failures. We will never tolerate anything less than exceptional workmanship.


Consistent Quality
and Repeatability

Qualtronics goes the extra mile by translating customers’ unique designs and preferences into consistent work instructions written to the unique specifications of the product being built. This rock-solid workflow eliminates production delays.


A Part,
Not a Process

Specialty vehicle and power system manufacturers lose sleep over needing to build increasingly complex wire harnesses in-house. Qualtronics takes this headache off your plate so you can take back precious time and energy.