Janice Daly – Production Manager

First and foremost, Janice Daly is a business woman who’s had ‘business’ in her blood from childhood (both her parents were business owners).  Today, she is the Production Manager at Qualtronics.  Her passion is bringing value to her customers!Previously, Janice was a business owner, a management consultant, a vice-president, a manager, a project manager, a speaker, a reporter, a telephone answering service sales person, and so on. For fun, she enjoys feeding the birds, water skiing, gardening, being with friends, and fine dining!  Her favorite books are mysteries and her first love is for nature and its critters.Here are four lessons she has learned (three are true and one is a false – can you guess?):

  1. Managing only sounds boring – it’s not!!
  2. Customers rule!
  3. All wire harnesses are the same.
  4. Quality is the essence of success – if you don’t do your work well, why do it at all?

Answer: #3 is false!!!!