Commitment to Quality

DSC_4766Producing a quality product is a priority to each employee at Qualtronics. Quality is so important that it was included in the company name! Of course all companies claim to have a quality product; here is how Qualtronics differentiates from other wire harness manufacturers:

  • All materials utilized in the harness go through an incoming inspection process to assure the materials meet the specifications of that part. In other words, each step of the process, Qualtronics’ assemblers are required to check on the work completed on that particular part. Electrical continuity is verified on every single harness built by Qualtronics. The wire harnesses upon completion must pass a final inspection for their physical attributes as well.
  • Automotive grade wire is utilized unless otherwise specified. Qualtronics only uses high quality connectors that are produced by companies with a track record of success.
  • Harnesses are covered with braiding, convolute, expandable sleeving or any combination of the three. Qualtronics will apply covering to meet their customer’s specifications or share their industry experience by suggesting a covering that will best protect the harness in the environment that it operates in.
  • Every harness that leaves Qualtronics is labeled with an internal work order number. This number provides traceability back to all production documentation utilized in the assembly of the harness.

This system is designed to provide controls for the prevention of nonconforming parts, early detection of discrepancies, and corrective and preventative action to assure quality product.

The Qualtronics Quality Policy

Quality Performance will be achieved in every area and facility by operating a quality system in compliance with international and customer standards. As a leader in the industry, we will continue to improve our products, and strive to deliver defect free material on time every time.