ISO: 9001


In 2001, when we decided to become certified we realized it is a tedious and expensive task for a wire harness manufacturer. Nevertheless, Qualtronics has taken the extra steps in producing a quality product and has become ISO 9001 Certified. This certification can lead to the following general assumptions about Qualtronics.

  1. There is a commitment from “the top” to monitor, control, and continuously improve quality of their product.  There is a quality policy in place and it is followed and understood at by everyone at Qualtronics, regardless of level.
  2. Qualtronics has a system of recording data and that information is reviewed.  They keep records of their processes to allow problems to be traced to the source.
  3. Qualtronics communicates with their customers about product information, questions, orders, improvements and complaints.
  4. Qualtronics deals with problems, in the past and present, or potential problems that may arise.  We keep excellent records of these problems and monitor the effectiveness of the corrections.
  5. New products by Qualtronics are developed with a documented process and are tested at each stage.
  6. Internal audits and meetings are conducted by Qualtronics regularly to determine if our quality standards to being met and if improvements can be made.

Just because a wire harness manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified does NOT guarantee that they will produce a perfect product.  It just gives a better indication that they have taken extra steps to ensure that they are producing a quality product.

One last and important note:  There is a different between being compliant with ISO 9001 and being certified, as Qualtronics is.  Compliant means that the manufacturer has only done an internal audit and has NOT had an outside register do an audit on their quality processes.