Our Story

Qualtronics was founded by three men who recognized a need for higher-quality wire harnesses and cable assemblies and created the company to meet it.

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4 Values That Guide Us


We believe that the success of a company depends on the integrity of those behind it.


We believe in the power of trust. People count on us to do what we say we will do.


We believe that quality is paramount for customers in our industries. We will never sacrifice it. 


And we believe in family, at work and at home. We know which one always comes first.

Our Vision

At Qualtronics, our vision is deeply rooted in the individual. We are committed to developing innovative wire harness solutions that help our OEM partners thrive while fostering a culture that nurtures the complete person – personally, professionally, and spiritually. Love, to us, is not just a word but a guiding principle that drives every action at Qualtronics.
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Our Team

Tim Fries


Tim, our CEO is a passionate creative leader. With a strong focus on helping individuals thrive in the talents that God has given them, Tim is dedicated to guiding our team towards accomplishing our collective goals. His optimism and vision inspire us all to reach new heights and make a positive impact in the world.

Luke Wade


Luke is an accomplished executive leader driving excellence with his teams in a range of industries. With vision to shape the future of electrical components manufacturing, Luke and his team are pushing forward with passion for corporate operations, technology and innovation.

Our Culture 

Qualtronics cares for the whole person. As we raise the standard to love, we expect the cultural impact to move from business to people. Our people, their families, the community we serve operating in a cycle of love in action.

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Work For Qualtronics

Qualtronics culture

Our Culture Cares

A job doesn’t need to be a drag. It’s no coincidence that by providing a positive, supportive and loving environment, our people do exceptional work. 

Qulatronics talented team

This Team is Talented 

We’ve created a work environment that challenges and rewards our people who are at the top of their game. When you join us, you’re joining the best in the business. 

Wire harness difference makers

Be a Difference-Maker

From day one at Qualtronics, you’ll see that a job well-done makes a real, meaningful impact in our customers’ lives. That’s why they keep coming back. And it’s why we keep growing.